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Gig Buddies is an initiative that provides opportunities for social connection through live events.

We match people up with a volunteer who shares the same interests and passions, so they can go to events they both enjoy, together.

What is Gig Buddies?

Who is it for?

A Gig Buddies participant is an adult (18 years and older) with mild to moderate learning disability and/or autism, who wants to make new friends and do fun stuff.

A Gig Buddies volunteer is someone who wants to expand their social circles, make friends, support a person with a disability and do fun things.

The Gig Buddies team matches and pairs a volunteer and an adult with a mild to moderate learning disability and/or autism.


Buddies are paired based on mutual interests - such as music tastes, sport and hobbies - and other factors such as location and age. 

Once paired, buddies go out together once a month for a year (or longer). 

How "Buddying" works

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