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Neuro-diversity in Drum and Bass - The People Speak

UK-based Drum and Bass website Inside DNB have just published a great collaborative community-led article on Neuro-diversity within the drum and bass scene.

Contributors have provided the below feedback about how beneficial contributing was, which is a great outcome in and of itself, and beyond that, the article itself opens up a great conversation and opportunity for better understanding

Thanks for doing this. It’s been a challenge to complete it but has also helped me to organise my thoughts and understand myself a bit better

I want to thank you for raising awareness, people have found me “strange, weird, dorky, goofy” all my life and if instead they just considered me or other neuro-divergent people just “unusual”, that would be a progress in itself

I find it hard to imagine a world designed for neurodiverse people, because it feels like it would be so far removed from the one we live in now

My parents battled with the authorities to get my statement of special educational needs written as a child to include the positive things I could do, rather than just the negatives that were included as it was originally written.  I don’t think you have left much room in this questionnaire for positive sides of being neurodiverse


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